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Live at the Spider - Joe Rollin Porter's Next CD!


In the four years since I recorded my first CD, my playing and singing have changed quite a bit and I'm very enthused to soon be able to offer a recording that is more representative of my current style.  This album will include many songs that have become audience favorites over the last couple of years. 

I got the bulk of these songs from recordings made in the late 1920's by early blues artists such as Charlie Patton, Fury Lewis, Mississippi John Hurt and Henry Thomas.  Discovering the traditional folk and country blues music of that era changed my life.  It led directly to my eventually figuring out how to play fingerstyle guitar, which is now a central focus of my existence. 

Something about this old music both freed up my creativity and gave my musical expression a direction that I previously lacked.  I've never felt compelled to attempt to duplicate specific performances from these old records, which is a good thing because I frankly do not have that particular talent.  Rather, I've tried to re-craft something new out of them.  Those familiar with the source recordings will no doubt easily identify where my inspiration comes from, but will also notice a different technique and different arrangements, as well as occasional new lyrics and even some new chord progressions and riffs.

I am deeply appreciative of and indebted to these musicians and the gifts they have given me through their music.  Playing these songs is in part an attempt to pay tribute to them, and to expose new folks to this old music that has meant so much to me.


My next CD was recorded live at The Barking Spider Tavern in Cleveland, and has already been mixed and mastered.  

Here is the track list:

1.  The Minstrel Boy/Cripple Creek (Traditional)
2.  Freight Train (Elizabeth Cotten)
3.  Dry Land Blues (Furry Lewis)
4.  Police and The High Sheriff (Traditional/Ollis Martin)
5.  Stingy Mama (Blind Boy Fuller)
6.  Truckin' My Blues Away (Blind Boy Fuller)
7.  K.C. Moan (Memphis Jug Band/Will Shade)
8.  Champagne Charlie 
9.  Prison Cell Blues (Blind Blake)
10.  Crow Black Chicken/That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It/Black Eyed Susie (traditional)
11.  Cherry Ball (Skip James)
12.  Killing Floor (Howlin' Wolf)
13.  She Moved Through The Fair/Ode To Joy (Traditional/Ludwig Van Beethoven      

My successful campaign to fund my last CD has helped me tremendously by sales as well as helping me to get many new gigs.  As a result I've been able to pay for all of the expenses incurred thus far, so Thank You again to all of my backers!  Subsequently, my goal for this project is much lower than the last one, consisting primarily of the cost of the mass production and printing.        

The goal of $1,400 will ensure the completion of this project. Thinking extra-optimistically, I also have a "stretch goal" of $2,400, which would grant me the luxury of recouping what I've already spent and starting out on a clean slate.  

Please consider helping me fund this next project, Click Here Your contribution is very much appreciated!