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In the past 7 years I've recorded and released 3 albums, played somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 gigs, and made hundreds of new friends and fans.  The experience has been the most rewarding of my life, but early in 2017 I decided to set my sights higher.  I hired a manager out of Nashville to assess my career and advise me how to boost it to the next level(s).  She judged my talent to be worthy of widespread international attention, and since then we've been working on the plan the bring that about.

     The first major phase of the plan is to make a truly professional-sounding and radio-friendly album with first-rate backing musicians to enhance my sound and my arrangements.  That phase is nearing the home stretch.  Phase two is a national radio campaign, targeting over 500 blues/folk/acoustic DJs who will play my music.  I'll still have a great deal of hard work after that, to turn increased exposure into more and better jobs and album sales, but I'm up for that.

     Fourteen world-class studio musicians have already contributed backing tracks, with a couple more to come, and several dozen hours of studio time have been racked up.  I'm proud of my previous work, but my guitar work and singing on this album are significantly better.  With the added instruments and the first-class production work, the rough unfinished unmastered tracks already sound far better than anything I've done before.


If you are interested in booking Joe to play at your venue or festival or any other event, please send an email to:

"Guys like Joe are the type we all need to pay attention to. They are the ones keeping
the musical past alive, shining a new light on
the old songs." 

-No Depression Magazine